Sensing Life


We are merging biotechnology,
microbiology and electronics to
sense the environment around
us and beyond.


Taking sensors to the sample


We design our sensing products that are mobile, free floating, compact with an elegant form factor.


Bringing IOT to
biological instrumentation


All products we design have the capability
to be connected to the internet, and push
data to a cloud service. Access your data,
anytime and anywhere.


Design with a keen focus on usability, applicability and form is at the core of our development strategy; all driven by a proper understanding of customer needs. Collaborating with our partners keeps us focused.

Rapid Prototyping

Constant validation and improvement of our technical design ensures the final product’s form and function fits the market.  Applying a wide range of state of the art industrial design and production methodologies lies at the heart of our approach.


Our software is designed using the latest coding methodologies with an eye fully focused on accuracy and user experience. Software platforms are coupled with our use of wireless communication platforms to deliver device control, data analysis and presentation in a simple integrated interface.

Team Dynamics

Taking away inter-disciplinary barriers, our team blends experience and knowledge in robotics, genetics, biochemistry, electronics, mechatronics, analytic chemistry, computer science, physics, industrial design and business to drive our projects from concept to product and maintain a focus on excellence.

Our Skills

Science 100%
Creativity 100%
Engineering 100%
Dancing 100%