The Smart Measuring Optical Device brings you OD 600 and temperature data in real time, without having to open or remove the flask from the incubator.

  • Fully self-contained sealed unit with OD 600 and temperature sensors.
  • Simply chemically sterilized.
  • Smart induction charging allowing 35 uses.
  • Simply replace with SMOD solo units, retaining the charger for further use.
  • Intuitive software to set up experiments to take measurements and view data.



SMOD is available world wide and has distributors in many countries.

Technical Specifications

  • Bluetooth – v2.0 or greater
  • Supported Operating Systems – Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Supported Web Browsers – Internet Explorer 10+, Edge, Chrome or Firefox
  • Diameter – 32.5mm (compatible with Erlenmeyer flasks with 34mm and greater circular openings)
  • Fully sealed, ultrasonically welded polypropylene shell
  • Inductions charged fully in around 4 hours on the proprietary induction charger base
  • Up to 20 hours battery life on each full charge
  • Multiple SMODs can be used for longer cultures
  • Operate up to 7 units connected to a single PC and active at the same time
  • Dedicated SMOD Software controls individual SMOD units