Sam Bartho

Head of Engineering
Sam Bartho

Sam is a co-founder and project engineer for Lifeonics. He helps bring the ideas and innovations of our team into the real world through hardware and embedded systems design. Sam has always been intrigued by the world of technology even from a very young age which led onto working as a technician for Monaco Corp. in the Casio division and later as a field technician for Markem-Imaje while always indulging in projects that spark his curiosity during his spare time. He has attained a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Mechatronics. This path allowed him to become acquainted with the other co-founders of Lifeonics propelling him into a multi-disciplinary team with the drive to bring something truly innovative to the world.

Hardware/Software Interaction 100%
Problem Solving 90%
Design 87%
Gaming 95%
Communication 47%