SMOD: The smart wireless bio-photometer

SMOD delivers real time OD600 and temperature data so you can monitor suspension cell culture growth without any intervention, wherever you are.


No more opening of cell culture flasks before harvest.

No more cell culture sampling at inconvenient times.

Optimized cell harvests.

Real time data wirelessly delivered to a lab PC and available on smart phones.

Smart induction charging allowing 35 uses.

Simple Software Management

Intuitive experimental set up

Real-time delivery of data

Available on PC & remote devices

Secure unalterable data

Technical Specifications

  • Bluetooth – v2.0 or greater
  • Supported Operating Systems – Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Supported Web Browsers – Internet Explorer 10+, Edge, Chrome or Firefox
  • Diameter – 33mm (compatible with Erlenmeyer flasks with 34mm circular openings)


To download a document right click on the link and then select “Save link as…” from the dropdown menu.

Getting Started Guide

SMOD Manual


Technical Notes

Chemical Sterilisation of SMOD [LFNS-SMOD-0.1]

SMOD cell culture monitoring without manual intervention [LFNS-SMOD-0.2]

Chemical Sterilisation of SMOD (alternative) [LFNS-SMOD-0.3]


Email Support

For further support please contact us at

Software Download

Before you download the SMOD Control Software we strongly recommend you read the Getting Started Guide.

Download SMOD Control Software

The current version of the SMOD Control Software can be used with up to 7 SMOD at any one time. An upcoming update will allow an unlimited number of SMODs to be used concurrently. Any SMODs you purchase will work with all versions of the software.



North America – United BioChannels –


India – Inkarp Insruments Pvt. Ltd –

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam – Bio Laboratories Pte. Ltd. –

Japan – LIFEM KK – – website:

Korea – DI Biotech Ltd. –

People’s Republic of China – AGP Bio Ltd. – – website: – tel: +86 21 5484 7570

Taiwan (ROC) – Han Gene Technologies Ltd. –

Thailand – Lab Expert Co. Ltd. –


Australia and Pacific Islands – John Morris Scientific –

New Zealand – Science Directions Ltd. –


BENELUX – GC Biotech B.V –

Switzerland – Bucher Biotec A.G –

United Kingdom – Thistle Scientific Ltd –

Rest of Europe – Lifeonics Ltd. –

All Other Countries

All Other Countries – Lifeonics Ltd. –

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