About Our Company

At the convergence of life sciences & electronics, the mission of Lifeonics is to be the world leader in developing smart sensors to monitor analytical challenges.



Food, Water
Natural Resources



The company’s vision is to develop a range of sensing devices across multiple applications with analytical challenges. The core of the analytical challenges is simplification of the process of measuring important analytical parameters to improve outcomes.

R&D Themes

Most applications to which we turn our attention, impact directly or indirectly on life, in particular, the understanding and analysis of not only human but also other life forms and the environments, which affect them. We work on four themes – Soil & Waste, Toxins & Pollutants, Air & Atmosphere and Water & Natural resources.

Mobility, Connectivity & Design

The three factors that drive our imagination, while developing sensors are mobility, the ability to be connected to the internet and form factor. We emphasize on robust miniaturization targeting the growth “in-field” and “at-line” measurements markets.


We believe in development through close collaboration. Working with research partners to secure the most advanced solutions and working with potential markets to fully understand their needs and requirements.

Our Team

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